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At Geotoys, we're all about making it fun to learn more about the world around us.


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About Geotoys

At Geotoys, we believe that kids who learn about the world will do a better job of caring for it when they grow up. Learning geography through play encourages curiosity and questions, the keys to an open mind. And learning about other continents, countries, and capitals sparks the imagination, allowing us to travel and explore. We hope you and yours like our products, and please feel free to email us anytime (info@geotoystore.com).

What Our Customers Say


This puzzle set is an excellent value!! I am using these puzzles for game time in my Classical Conversations Challenge A class, and the students love them!! I love them too!

Hanna M.

Our 6-year old son still loves pulling these puzzles out to do them together. They are very durable pieces and we've had these for THREE years now!

Karen L.

We are having so much fun with these GEO Puzzles. My son is in the sixth grade and is studying world geography so these puzzles really help. Great for family competitions!

Paul G.

My boys 5 and 9 years old loved this! The different puzzles were easy to assemble and break down. They loved that the pieces were in the actual shape of the countries!

Tracy M.

My son LOVES these puzzles, especially this one. We got them when he was 4 and after helping him the first couple times he could put it together by himself. The pieces are sturdy and colorful.

Aaron K.