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Great puzzles

Great way to teach my grandchild geography.

Great puzzle, weak magnets

The office is enjoying the puzzle on the refrigerator in our kitchen. Great conversation starter. More than once, though, we've had to search under the fridge for pieces that have fallen off.

Alabama puzzle

I purchased this magnetic puzzle at a brick and mortar store. My grandkids (ages 9 and 10) and I had fun putting it together on my refrigerator door. Fun way to learn about the state. I plan to order more from the web site.

Great experience!

Quick delivery, love love Geo puzzle

Bought this at Cracker Barrel for my brother as a Christmas gift, hope he likes it 🤞. I picture of the actual puzzle would be nice tho

Needs improvement

This is a good concept, but the execution is very poor. The pieces are very large, thin, arrive curled, and cannot be put together. I assumed the magnets helped hold the pieces together, but I'm really not sure what purpose they serve.

Good concept

We picked up this puzzle locally about 5 years ago and liked it so much that when we lost a piece, during a move, we decided to buy it again. This time the visitor center didn’t carry the item so we ordered it. This version is different and the pieces arrive very curled and that makes getting it to adhere to a magnetic surface very challenging. The pieces don’t want to lay flat and I’m constantly fiddling with it to try and get it to flatten.

Loved it!!

Really cool puzzle! Kids loved it!

Love it!

Love it! However, I purchased it to replace missing pieces from a previously purchased Denver puzzle and only then discovered each puzzle is a unique part of the city. No missing puzzle pieces for me here. Doh!

Nice Puzzle. Needs Better Construction

My 7-year-old completed it mostly on his own and enjoyed the outcome.

He did complain that the pieces are hard to fit together because they arrive a bit curled up.

It took some bending to get it to look okay-ish, though a lot of the pieces still have curled corners.

Eugy Wolf 3D Puzzle — Educational Toy for Boys and Girls, 28 PIece Puzzle
Cool, a puzzle that is great to display on our shelf in our living room

I am sure my daughter is going to be delighted with her birthday gift April 15 when she receive Wolf, he looks light her pet dog that she adores.Thanks for being a part of that by get it to us on time.


The pieces were curled which made it difficult to stay down and align the pieces properly.

GeoPuzzle Latin America — Educational 50 Piece Geography Jigsaw Puzzle — Ages 4 and up

Welsh Corgi Eugy 3D Puzzle — Educational Toy for Boys and Girls, 28 PIece Puzzle
Dean Croney

Welsh Corgi Eugy 3D Puzzle — Educational Toy for Boys and Girls, 28 PIece Puzzle

Love it!

I bought 2 of these. One as a gift and one for myself. I bought the puzzle for my state and put it on my frig. We are new to the state, and it helps me to know the state better.

My 7yr old son loves this puzzle. He is on the spectrum and puzzles are his thing. I hope they have more bigger puzzles for him to do. Thanks

The Best Puzzles Ever!

I like the authenticity of the map puzzles and the quality of the pieces. I have bought my grandchildren all of them. Every educational.

Five stars isn't enough!

We now own 7 GeoPuzzles. US History (secondhand and missing Iowa but we still love it), US & Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa & Middle East, and World. We also have US GeoBingo. All but the US History GeoPuzzle were Christmas gifts for our children this year. Everything is sturdy and colorful. The boxes they come in are really nice. We prefer putting the puzzles together without looking at the box. It doesn't take long although I will admit Africa is still the trickiest one for us. My only complaint is the "chips" for the bingo game are quite small and it's difficult to pick up more than one at a time when putting the game away. No biggie, though.
It's nice to see a company based in our home state and that the products are made here in the US. I look forward to adding to our GeoToys collection in the future!

Eugy Snowman 3D Puzzle — Educational Toy for Boys and Girls, 28 PIece Puzzle
Karen Weber
We love the Eugy Puzzles

These are so cute and easy to put together. It's a go to gift item for us now and we are getting quite a collection!

Very excited about this

My toddler loves puzzles and maps so these are a hit. He’s a little below the suggested age and some of the pieces are quite small for him. Also because they don’t interlock, make sure you have a good solid surface to work on.

Quality Puzzles

My 5 year old granddaughter loves them, especially, the educational ones. She's learning the countries of the world.
One suggestion: It's hard to follow the photo on the box. Perhaps, you could include one inside the box which is identical to what the complete puzzle would look like.

Set of 6 GeoPuzzles in Individual Boxes — Educational Geography Jigsaw Puzzles — Ages 4 and up

Eugy Ptero 3D Puzzle — Educational Toy for Boys and Girls, 28 PIece Puzzle
Marilyn Fox

Great Christmas gifts.

Great tool of learning!

I was missing Europe! Glad I found it.

Welsh Corgi Eugy 3D Puzzle — Educational Toy for Boys and Girls, 28 PIece Puzzle
Michelle Valko
Corgi Eugy

Absolutely love this!